Oculon Hikari Pro920 Pocket Projector Debuts for $299

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You never know when you might need to whip out a projector, and here's the smallest one you can buy so far, made by the Chinese company that calls itself Oculon. The 640x480 Hikari Pro920 is $299, giving you a 24-inch image from about a yard away, or a 12-inch picture from a foot away. If you're looking for a bit more resolution, you can get an 800x600 model for $399. These don't quite match up in tinytude to the cellphone-sized microprojector prototypes we've shown you before, but this might be the perfect size for some public bathroom stall porn. [Oculon, via Technabob]




It does use LEDs as a light source of course. In fact this is one of the advantages of this unit. The lights for an ordinary project last just few thousand hours then die. Replacement bulbs cost hundreds. The mtbf on this is probably in the 20k hr range at least. There another similar one out there that actually runs on batteries. This one needs a battery option too.

LED projectors will never replace bulbs, not anytime soon. Not unless they come up with something at the Breakthrough Institute.