Of Course This Stunning Building Is an Aquarium

Blue Planet Aquarium is the most aquarium-like aquarium you've ever seen. Cloaked in aluminum shingles that evoke fish scales, it's shaped like an ocean wave.

Located on a waterfront in Copenhagen, Blue Planet just recently opened up to the public. It's now the largest aquarium in Europe, housing more than 450 species of fish and ocean creatures, 53 displays, and nearly two million gallons of water. A circular foyer with a glass ceiling and a pool above greets visitors to the aquatic zoo. The whole space connects in various curved wings, but without directing visitors in a clear route. The way the hallways and exhibits flow together was a very deliberate design decision made by architecture firm 3XN—the point is to cut down on lines and wait times. The building seems to move like water—it really is the perfect aquarium. [Dezeen]


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