Official Bing App Hits the iPhone

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Microsoft's search engine Bing, despite its similarities to Arby's, is pretty great—and now it's come to the App Store to invade iPhones and iPods Touch.


The app features some of the hallmarks of Bing, like the endless image search, image of the day and voice control. Some key features:

* Daily image from
* Easy to access voice search
* Tips and tricks on the home page
* "Locate Me" functionality
* Ability to add pushpins and save locations
* Show multiple locations on a single map

This app joins similar apps already available for WinMo, BlackBerry and Sidekick (though not Android: Wonder why!) and is available now, for free, here (link opens iTunes). [Bing]



I'm surprised Apple approved this. After all, it replicates existing functionality already on the iPhone. Isn't that one of the standard lines that Apple uses to reject apps?