In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit, or so the saying goes - but discerning Hobbit wannabes should skip the comfy hole and check out this amazing Hobbit-themed house in Culver City, CA. And it's available to rent!

According the the advert, the house was built many years before Peter Jackson recreated Hobbiton and the Shire for his adaptations, and more directly inspired by Tolkien's original novels. It was designed over 24 years by an artist who worked for Disney, Joseph Lawrence, and has 2 Bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, living room and large den area, as well as an extra spare room. There's also the bit WHERE IT LOOKS LIKE A GODDAMN HOBBIT HOLE. Which is amazing.

All the wood, all the stained glassed windows, it's like stepping onto a movie set or something. And you don't actually have to imagine what it's like living there, as it's actually up for rent right now, with a minimum of a one year lease. I would totally live in this place if I was actually in the US.

I mean, sure there's no Predator masks on the walls, but still, this is one hell of an abode. Check out more pictures on the Craigslist Ad, here.


[via The Mary Sue]

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