Oh Yes, the First iPad Kickstand

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This is the iPad accessory I've been waiting for. The first iPad kickstand. The Scosche kickBack is made out of polycarbonate and rubber and works in portrait and landscape mode, blah blah blah. iPad. Kick. Stand. All our problems, solved.

Oxnard, CA, – January 28, 2010 – Scosche Industries, an award-winning innovator of iPod and iPhone accessories, is proud to announce its first iPad accessory the new kickBACK. The shatterproof polycarbonate and rubber hybrid provides superior protection for the Apple's new iPad tablet. The case's patent pending locking kickstand enables both vertical and horizontal viewing and has a low angle setting for an optimal typing position. Scosche also included molded grips on the back of the kickBACK for more secure handling.

"We pride ourselves at consistently being one of the first accessories manufacturers to market with leading edge products following an iPhone, iPod, or now iPad announcement," said Kas Alves, executive vice president of Scosche Industries. "It's that ability to react quickly without sacrificing quality that has helped us develop necessary accessories like the new kickBACK."

Like all of Scosche's kickBACK cases the kickBACK ships with a screen protector and cleaning cloth. The kickBACK will ship in early-mid Spring 2010 and is the first of an entire line of accessories Scosche has planned.


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seriously... then why not just make it a convertible tablet (like it should have been to begin with), or include a nicely implemented built-in stand?

I find it hilarious that apple fans buy these ugly cases/stands/whatever to put on thier 'beautifully simple industrial' designed products. If apple just made the thing an extra mm or 2 thicker with extra protection (or a nicely implemented stand in this case), the added bulky/ugly accessories wouldn't be necessary.

Then again, Apple is interested in one thing and only one thing: $. Having all these extra items to license brings it in by the truckload, so they have no motivation to do something like that - much like they have no motivation to release the 'perfect' product. They would rather sell something missing a ton of really cheap and easily adoptable 'features' they can add later to force increased adoption.