O'heocha D2 Saturn Speakers

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No, that's not R2D2 or any of his ill-begotten progeny, but a speaker from fancy Irish designers O'heocha. Following the form of a sphere, "the most natural shape in the universe," the D2 Saturn isn't just a pretty face; 200 watts of sonic goodness come from the German-enginered aluminum-enclosed speaker. Moreover, O'heocha promises that the D2 Saturn can faithfully reproduce sound as it was meant to be heard: as an amalgam of waves from all directions rather than just two static points.

As with all hand-crafted products, the D2 Saturn doesn't run cheap, and will leave a $10,359 hole in your pocket. You do get two speakers, as well as bragging rights in your neighborhood for having the most expensive speakers on the block, which is better than having the lamest speakers on the block.


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