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The OHSO toothbrush makes my Oral B look like the chicken bone used by my local street hobo uses to pick his teeth. This stylish and dildoesque toothbrush comes with nifty features such as self-dispensing toothpaste.

The toothpaste is self dispensing and easily refillable by turning the handle one direction which creates a suction, bringing the toothpaste into the handle.


Sweet dude. Now I don't even have to bother much with squeezing the hell out of my toothpaste. What about the actual toothbrush though? It snaps on to the head of the device and let's you brush with glee. The toothbrush comes in 3 models such as the MARKO (above), DIVO (geared torwards the ladies), and PRESTO. Another model codenamed ALLCAPSDOYOUTHINKTHISISTOOLONGMAYBEWESHOULDCHANGEIT was in the works, but never made it to production.

OHSO Toothbrush [JS]

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