Old Nokia Phones Don't Die, They Live Inside Mobile Man

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Did you know that over 100 million cell phones are discarded each year in the US and only 13% of this e-waste is disposed of properly? Keep that staggering statistic in mind when you gaze on Nokia's crazy-looking Mobile Man.


Mobile Man stands six feet tall, weighs 44 pounds and is made entirely of discarded Nokia mobile phones. The unusual looking figurine must attract a lot of attention as it (he?) casually reads a green magazine outside a Beijing post office.

There are three of these non-mechanical robots in circulation and Nokia is using them to promote its cell phone recycling program. Nokia's green push uses automated touchscreen kiosks that make it easy for Nokia owners to discard their phones in an environmentally friendly way. These kiosks are located at high-traffic locations like Post Offices and even offer rewards like movie tickets for customers that make the effort to recycle. [CNET]


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I have two of my old Nokia 8290s and a hand crank charger in my emergency kit. Those things are tanks.