Even if governments aren't ponying up, a hell of a lot of people are: OLPC's Give One, Get One program's been pulling in $2 million in "donations" a day. Realizing it'd be dumb and pointless to cut off a major revenue stream in four days—totally missing prime holiday spending time—they're stretching the new "deadline" way out to Dec. 31.


They've also opened up bulk ordering for "educational purposes," with quantities of 100-999 going for $300 a pop, 1000-9999 running $249 and anything above 10,000 dropping it to $199.

And if for some reason you wanna give one but not get one, starting next year you'll be able to do that too. During Give One, Get One's bonus time, they'll "solicit input and transition to a program of giving only at the beginning of 2008." I hate to be cynical (it's officially the holidays, after all), but I have the feeling a "give one, get nothing" program isn't going to pack quite the same fundraising punch.[Business Wire, Thanks John]

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