OLPC Laptop Hits Embarrassing $200 Milestone

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During the OLPC price hike from $175 to $188, a spokesman said they were committed to keeping the price below $190, and probably below $200 if possible. This was in September—a month and a half ago. Guess they weren't trying very hard, since the laptops have just made the jump to $200. Besides being symbolic for being twice as much as they originally guessed, the fact that the price keeps rising is just embarrassing for the organization. Our estimate now is that the price will continue rising to a possible, $230~$250 level. What's your guess? [Reuters]


Ummm...on the Dell website, without any discounts, you can get a notebook computer for $499. Find a good coupon code, combine it with a good-discount day, and you can probably get a "real" laptop for the price of this thing.

I just checked ebay too. Lots of laptops for sale for much cheaper than this OLPC. Here's an idea:

instead of wasting money designing the OLPC, and producing it (wasting energy, producing more waste, etc), why don't they just buy every third-world kid a few-years-old laptop from eBay? It'll be cheaper, good for the environment (reusing old instead of making new), probably give them a more powerful machine, and be all-around much less embarrassing.

Man...you could probably buy a $100 ebay computer and combine it with a hand-crank (or whatever this thing gets power from) for about $150...and it'd be done today and better than the OLPC.