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Olympus 3D Camera Carved Out of a Block of Wood

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Yeah, yeah, we know, there are a lot of camera posts here, but keep in mind that Photokina 2006 starts tomorrow, so we need to show you at least a few cameras. But wait. This one's different, an Olympus prototype of a 3D camera, and it's made of Japanese cypress wood. Not much info is available about the camera except that it uses a microscope lens. But that cypress wood body is said to be harder than any plastic, and hey, it looks positively gorgeous. We want one.


Olympus three dimensional camera made from Japanese evergreen wood [Far East Gizmos]

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Dang, at first I thought is was a new hi-tech MP3 toilet lid (e.g. an iToilet), which isn't such a bad idea - but a wooden camera? I guess this is not as far fetch as the paper camera -…