Olympus Stylus 1030SW Is Drop-, Water- and Freeze-Proof

Illustration for article titled Olympus Stylus 1030SW Is Drop-, Water- and Freeze-Proof

Here's the Jack Bauer of the new Olympus compacts: the Stylus 1030SW, drop-proof from 6 feet, waterproof to 33 feet and operates at temperatures as cold as 14 degrees Fahrenheit. With 10.1 megapixels, a 3.6 x optical zoom and a 2.7-inch LCD, and with built-in scene modes for underwater shooting as well as beach and snow modes, it looks like we need a vacation to try it out. Available in March for around $400. [New Launches]




I have the 7.1MP version of this particular Olympus, same "roughin' it" specs. The first trip I took with the camera was up to the northern reaches of Minnesota in the Boundary Waters for a week. Obviously I was being overprotective of it because it was a new toy. But I gave it to a buddy for him to check out and lo and behold he drops it on a rock. Now, after you spend over $300 on the camera and card the initial reaction is heart sink. Not a scratch though. Well, maybe a really slight one — but nothing noticeable. It's an awesome camera for active people and I hope that the images are even better than the model I have. I'll be looking forward to the Imaging Resource review of it. You can't beat it for a camera you can put in your pocket, go snowboarding, wipe out big time or go canoing and tip that bad boy over and not worry about it. On top of it the pictures are great with a great selection of modes for it's size. I'd highly recommend it for anyone who wants peace of mind when traveling with a camera and doesn't need an SLR.