DVD player? Ha! With as many features that this baby packs it should be called a hard-driveless media center. The Omisys PN-210V comes loaded up with a nice big antenna for Wi-Fi streaming via 802.11b/g. It can play Off Vorbis, XviD, DivX, MPEG-4 and WMV9 and it can read burned CD and DVD media. It also includes an Ethernet port for hard-wired streaming and a USB port for mass storage device support—iPod anyone? Wait. There is more!. This player supports 1080p HD resolution. While there isn't a lot of options for 1080p media right now, this might be the right kind of player that will last a long time and provide a lot of good entertainment. There is a bit of a downside, it appears that the streaming capabilities only works with Windows at the moment.

Product Page [Via Red Ferret]