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On the run up to Father's Day, you can snag a Nook HD for $130 or a Nook HD+ for $150. Not too shabby, especially now they place nice with Google.


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Anyone considering an android tablet would be insane not to take a look at these. I bought one for $179 during their mother's day promotion (an insane price at the time) and even though it's $30 less now, I don't feel like I paid too much. Build quality is great on the nook HD+, they are really nice - the screen res is as close to retina as you are going to find on an Android tablet and it's full HD (1920x1080) not some weird size that's going letterbox on you.

The only deal-breaker for some could be the lack of a camera. For my own uses the expandable memory more than makes up for not being allowed to be one of those douchy people holding up my tablet and blocking other people's view of a concert or event.