Once It Was A Corpse. Now It's A Monument.

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The children were too young to remember the horror of invasion, of those things with their almost human faces devouring acres upon acres of crops and livestock. Now they treated the bodies as playgrounds, playing tag in the digestive tracts, sliding down the legs, even making out atop their frozen foreheads.


"Alien Corpse" is by artist Markus Härma, used with permission and found via r/ImaginaryMonsters.



The old man smiled as two school buses pulled into the gravel parking lot. The children rushed towards him, they formed two perfect, uniform lines. He tousled the hair of a wide-eyed boy. "You look excited young man."

"I am sir, I've waited a long time to see this. Now that we know it's safe."

"See it you will, all of you will see." The man pulled open a heavy steel door cut into the belly of the creature. He motioned the children inside. "Everyone into the elevator, the operator will take you to Level Fifteen, all the way to the head. I'll see you soon to start the tour."

The last child walked through the door. The man did not enter, he slammed the door shut and locked it. "Sorry children, it's not safe."

There was a deep rumble that shook the ground, the creature rose.