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Once Upon A Time shows us how Captain Hook really lost his hand

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Rumpelstiltskin is back, and whimsically screeching his way back into our hearts. After last week's lackluster episode of Once Upon a Time, we're glad to be giving great characters like Rumps our undivided attention.

This week, we learned that Captain Hook became that way because of his past dealings with "the dark one" — AKA Rumpelstiltskin.

Spoilers ahead...


Everybody in Storybrooke is busy trying to find more magic so they can reverse the curse. So the dwarves get to digging for fairy dust. Note, this is what mining looks like in Storybrooke. Some guy without a shirt (or helmet) waving around a dangerous pickaxe, a child, and a lady in high heels and a hat handing out muffins.

Meanwhile Rumple and Belle are getting better acquainted, meaning she's getting mad at him for secretly practicing magic (even though its magic that will break the curse once and for all but you know: potato, pohypocrite. Soooo, Belle gets mad because she's living for free in a beautiful house and Rumps is doing magic, so she runs away. Long story short, it all works out really well for her. Despite her Dad kidnapping, assaulting and trying to memory-wipe her. But seriously everything does work out, because she finds the library, which has a free apartment. Which is probably the best job in the world. Did you see the library? It wasn't even dirty!


So that's basically all that happens in the REAL world. The meat of this episode takes place in the past, where we get to meet the heavily eye-linered Captain Hook. Turns out, before Rumps turned into the dark one, Captain Hook stole his wife. And who could blame her? On one hand you had a meek "village coward" Rumps, and on the other, Nestor Carbonell's hot little brother. Eyeliner, every time. But then Rumps becomes evil, finds Hook and rips out his ex-wife's heart. It's pretty cruel. He also is the reason Hook loses his hand. And that sparkle skin is apparently more "crocodile," according to Hook. I love that Rumps is now the croc, a good twist. Everything else was just more fire to fuel the laugh filled insanity that is Rumple.


And now Hook and Cora stand on a beach in modern day Enchanted Forrest land. They've teamed up in hopes of getting into the real world, so Hook can get his revenge and Cora can... I don't know, kill Regina? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


Two final side notes. First, a collection of behind-the-scenes images were released last week for this episode, showing off how the fairy dust is made. I constantly forget how much green screen is needed to make an episode of this series. It's pretty impressive. And finally looks like we got our answer about Dr. Whale. And sadly, it looks like he's a Dr. Frankenstein... sigh.