Today's National Geographic Your Shot editor's pick is this stunning image of what seems to be a man/alien hovering over the ground in a forest. In reality, it is a surreal photo of a diver in a cenote, in the Yucat√°n, Mexico. The lighting is so perfect and the water so clear that you can't really tell what's going on.

Photographer and scuba diver Terry Steeley explains:

Timed right, diving a cenote can be a truly magical experience, hugely rewarding and unlike most other scuba adventures. I had dived many times at the Taj Mahal cenote, but today was different: Navigating my way through the tunnels to Bill's Hole provided a real treat. The intimately lit cavern layered against energetically dancing light beams was breathtaking. Indeed, a very special dive.


Cenotes are natural sinkholes full of sweet water, caused by the collapse of limestone bedrock. There are many all around the Yucat√°n, often connected with each other with tunnels. I've dived there too and, indeed, it is a truly amazing experience.

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