One of the Most Underrated Features of iOS 7

In previous versions of iOS, you had to slide to unlock in one very specific location. Now? Oh man.

You can slide to unlock here:


or here...

even here...


but surely not... here?


Okay what about... here?


Yes. As long as your gesture is vaguely left-to-right, you can unlock from anywhere on the display. It never made sense that the unlock was at the bottom the whole time, since your hand doesn't naturally rest there when you hold an iPhone. SWEET RELIEF.

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Kyle Wagner

To everyone coming here specifically to say, "ANDROID HAD THIS NOT NEW": Did you attend other kids' birthday parties when you were younger specifically to see which toys or games they got, so you could spring forth and shout, "I had that months ago, you're clearly inferior and your parents are poor"? Were you... invited to birthday parties?