One Reason Why You Shouldn't Use Your Wife's iPad

Illustration for article titled One Reason Why You Shouldnt Use Your Wifes iPad

"You're going to be a Dad" is probably the last thing this unsuspecting husband expected to discover when he fired up his wife's iPad to play Angry Birds.


And if that isn't shocking enough, he now faces the most difficult task of his married life. No, it's not becoming a father, it's telling his wife that her surprise is ruined. [Imgur via Reddit]

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I'd so totally like run to the store, get something for babies, stroller, toys, whatever... then I'd act surprised when getting the news and then I'd play the "I can read your mind, we're soulmates" card... by showing her what I got and be all like "wow, so weird... creepy... I'm getting chills, I went into a store today and bought this... I was like thinking... if only we could have a child, and now this????" WOW...

That's if she was a winner and I was excited... lolz. But people with iPads don't have accidental kids.