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Onkyo announced the "RI Dock" for linking iPod to Onkyo components. You'll need Onkyo stereo equipment with an "RI" port to support this, but when you connect the RI cable and analog audio cables to the receiver, you can control the iPod with your receiver's remote. Onkyo was specific with how far this support goes, too: your normal range of volume and playback controls are supported, as well as some advanced features such as timer play, sleep timer, playlists, and the iPod's alarm function (which will automatically turn on the Onkyo equipment and start blasting Tina Turner at 6 AM). Hell, it even has an S-Video port for displaying slideshows from the iPod photo on your TV. At 8,400 yen, it seems like a decent investment for 30 people in the world who own both iPod and Onkyo receiver.

Press Release [Onkyo]