Only Students Will Get To Use Microsoft's LCD Screen Keyboard

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Microsoft has built their own version of the fabled Optimus Maximus—a QWERTY keyboard set on top of an LCD screen dubbed the Adaptive Keyboard. It looks stunning, but they're only letting students use it.

Students who are participating in this year's UIST Student Innovation Contest, that is. A few lucky entrants will get the chance to dabble with Microsoft's Adaptive Keyboard, which has customizable digital keys for some very advanced shortcut action, as well as a touch screen ribbon stretching across the top.

While Art Lebedev's Optimus Maximus put a screen on every keycap, Microsoft's concept overlays a QWERTY keyboard on a single large LCD screen, allowing for some neat full-keyboard effects. The sign up deadline for the UIST competition is August 17, so there's still time to enroll if these clips gave you some brilliant idea for how to use the Adaptive Keyboard. Just don't put this one in Jello. [Microsoft Hardware Blog via Technabob]


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That top strip could be re-purposed as a dj-ing station.