Only the Lonely Dine at This Transforming Dinner Table Bed

The crushing sadness of living a life of solitude is a little easier to deal with knowing there are furniture designers creating pieces specifically for single souls. Like Matali Crasset's 'Sweet Talk and Dream' which transforms from a TV tray table to an equally depressing single-sized bed.

Now, thinking of someone sitting all by themselves at this table eating a frozen TV dinner and sleeping without someone by their side might make you a little sad, but there are upsides to this design too. It finally gives someone living in a small apartment the opportunity to have a real dining room table for two people. There's far less table surface to have to clean. And after a big meal, when you feel logey and bloated, you don't have to crawl to your bedroom to doze off. You can just roll to the side, flip over the seats, and you're ready for an evening of self-loathing. This designer has clearly thought of everything.


[Matali Crasset's via FastCo Design]

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