Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta Available July 15

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Since the desktop version of Opera 9.5 officially launched just a bit ago, you'd figure the mobile version would be close behind. You're right: Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta (for Windows Mobile) goes live July 15. It'll bring a lot of the desktop version's features down to your smartphone, including the same browser engine. Enjoy your few weeks left to gloat, HTC Touch Diamond owners. [Opera via via Phone Scoop]


@etaripamai: Actually, it looks like Opera Mobile has never supported BB, just Symbian and Windows Mobile. [www.opera.com]

OTOH, OperaMini works great on BB(it even renders Gizmodo pretty well), although it is no good for youtube b/c it doesnt support flash. Fortunately, the built-in browser passes youtube off to the media player pretty seamlessly for your viewing pleasure.