Optimus Prime iPod Dock

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This Apple-licensed dock has a transforming Optimus Prime up front, in iPod white to the exact scale of a generation 1 model. In the back, the trailer folds, ahem *transforms* into a Pod dock. Get your preorder in before July when they ship.


Takara [Thanks Wil, Gadget Obi Wan]


Brian Sexton

What I mostly remember is that the fists were not retractable; you had to actually pull them off when transforming Optimus Prime into robot mode, which meant that many kinds were missing at least one little blue fist, which might be found years later in the back of a closet or under a bed or never because it ended up in the family vacuum. Even so, it is kind of cool to see the original design again instead of those fake-looking plastic monstrosities.

There are three other things I particularly remember about Transformers from when I was a kid: 1) their vehicle modes tended to look just like proper vehicles rather than like vehicles that look like they transform into robots; 2) they actually used painted metal for some of their parts; and 3) the paint jobs were usually somewhat realistic instead of the several different bright baby colors that some Transformers have been sporting lately.

And, of course, who could forget that whole confusing business about Jetfire and Skyfire? Why have a toy that looks like a repainted Valkyrie from Macross/Robotech vaguely correspond to a very similar but boxy version with a similar, but slightly different name in the cartoons? Sign some license papers to put Jetfire in the cartoons or make two different toys with Jetfire being a non-cartoon bonus, but at least make it so we can buy the toy of whatever robot we see in the cartoon because our feeble, commercially tainted child minds require that connection.

Sure, the Dinobots did not look realistic, but they were still cool. I think everything started going downhill by the time Hot Rod was introduced and if not by then, definitely by the time he because Rodimus Prime.

This is so sad; I had blocked these terrible events from my mind, much like how I had forgotten until just now that I never propertly appreciated my limited edition hooded Cobra Commander figure, but now you have dredged up all my memories of lost, broken, and disappointing toys. Boo hoo.