Oral Sex Light Illuminates Your Dongle

Illustration for article titled Oral Sex Light Illuminates Your Dongle

The product is called the Oral Sex Light. We're not too sure much of an explanation is needed, but if you still don't get it, there's a completely NSFW explanation image after the jump.


For all those who were gagging to see a giant illuminated phallus, I apologise; it was a very mean trick. Graphic image aside, the Oral Sex Light will set you back $13.99, and mounts (ha) via a clip-on ear piece. The torch attached is completely flexible, meaning you can totally scope out those hard to find regions. Unfortunately, if you ever did try to wow a date with your I-come-prepared attitude, she'll likely be out of the door quicker than she could say, "What the hell was I doing there in the first place?" At that point, you'll have to make use of the Oral Sex Light on your own, which will be an even sadder and more twisted state of affairs than normal. You suck. [Nerd Approved]


Am i the only one that thinks this could be much more handy for things like painting Warhammer figures that sex? I mean seriously.. the room lights are more than enough for the later .p