Orbit offers cheap science fiction and urban fantasy e-books to make your iPad explode

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Orbit Books just unveiled its new e-book promotion, The Orbital Drop, and it looks like you might want to sign up for this one. Here's the spiel:

You've got an ebook reader – now fill it with awesome ebooks from Orbit. Every month our office in geo-stationary orbit will release a special ebook deal. Deals will include two-for-ones, digital box-sets, and big discounts on some of the best Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Urban Fantasy in the known universe. Each deal lasts one month though – at which point our reclamation and retrieval bots arrive to clear the LZ to make room for the next drop.

If you love cheap e-books and want to keep up with authors like Iain M. Banks and Lilith Saintcrow, this could be a great opportunity. [The Orbital Drop]