Orbitsound T3 Portable Speaker "Plays Music in the Air Around Your Head"

The Gadget:Orbitsound's T3 is meant to act as a portable speaker for on the go listening. However, the guys at Orbitsound claim their patented airSOUND technology means you will only hear the music in one distinct area, thus causing minimal disturbance to others. It works by using specialised amplifiers to convert stereo sound into spatial (left/right) and main audio signals, which is supposed to produce sound of one constant intensity no matter what the distance from the source may be, but only in a defined area and the defined area for the T3 portable speaker is the "air around your head." The range will also include a valve and speaker set, as well as a swanky iPod dock.

The Catch:It doesn't work. The sound quality is good at best, but the airSOUND technology this speaker set is pegged on is far from what it promises to be. Avoid. . [Orbitsound]


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