The 2014 Emmy Award nominations came out today, and fans of BBC America's Orphan Black were understandably upset when lead actress Tatiana Maslany didn't get nominated. Maslany, after all, plays seven distinct characters on the thrilling, original, weird clone drama.

I started watching Orphan Black last week after friends recommended it, and I can see where the frustration is coming from, for I have converted to the Church of Maslany. She inhabits each character so wholly and distinctly that I often forget it's the same actress playing all these different roles. She's like the Meryl Streep of television science fiction.


Even if Maslany belonged to a group of improbably talented actress septuplets and the show didn't have the whole "holy shit look at this actress killing it in disparate roles" thing going for it, Orphan Black would still be worthy of its hype. I'm halfway through the first season and I'll definitely be done by the end of the week (if not very very late tonight) because this is the kind of show where you feel compelled to keep watching. It's the kind of show you turn on and then four hours later you realize you haven't eaten and your back hurts and your mouth is really dry but you have no intention of doing anything other than finding out what happens next. Clones are hella dramatic. And some are EVIL. Not telling you which ones, though.

Here's the opening scene of the pilot episode. Tell me you don't want to see more:

Orphan Black isn't on Netflix streaming, but the first season is free on Amazon Prime. You can buy second season episodes on Amazon for a reasonable price, or download it on iTunes. You might be able to watch it on cable as well, depending on your provider.