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Orphan Black Is Getting A Comic—But How Will It Work With The Show?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Our favorite cloning drama Orphan Black is getting a storytelling double of its own—a comic book series set in the show's universe. But what kind of stories will the comic tell without meddling with the show's storyline?

IDW has announced that it will start releasing the Orphan Black comic series early in 2015, but there are no details on a creative team or the types of stories it plans to tell, just that it will feature "all-new stories set in the complex and thrilling world of Orphan Black." The cover art, seen above, is by Nick Runge, but it offers few hints since it's based largely on promotional photographs from the TV show.


The show is on a very direct track, but a comic series could be interesting if it doesn't tread too much on the same territory as the television series. Perhaps we could see stories from the days when Beth was still alive, or scenes from the daily lives of Helena or Alison. And there are plenty of clones whom we've met only briefly who could have their own stories independent of the show. I wonder if the plan for the comic is to tell a single story over many issues or simply tell many different stories from this world. We'll just have to wait until more details emerge.

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