Let's go waaaay back for this one. Almost half a century ago, in 1964, the legendary Oscar Peterson Trio performed this great rendition of Duke Ellington's "C Jam Blues" in Denmark. While Peterson could (and often did) burn through standards at breakneck speed, he lets this tune stretch out – displaying his famous Art Tatum-influenced two-hand mastery and just grooving out an intro for about the first 3 minutes. And only then does the song really start.

There's so much jazz on YouTube, but I think if you're listening to music via a video website, you should get to see the musicians perform. One of the best things about mid-century European jazz shows (especially in the Scandinavian countries, for some reason) is that they bothered to capture these shows on video, often because they were being broadcast on TV. And thanks to the miracle of YouTube and jazz fans everywhere, there's a huge trove of these concerts just waiting to be seen.


Even if you're not a fan of jazz, black and white video, awesomeness, or whatever, give this a try. It's pretty hard to think of a music group ever to play that was tighter than these guys.