Oslo Celebrated New Year's Eve with More Fireworks Than You

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This incredible photo was taken two minutes after midnight in Oslo, Norway. While some cities might set off fireworks from one location to celebrate the ringing in of 2008, the people in Oslo went crazy, setting off fireworks pretty much everywhere. But hey, when you're a city where spending over $10 on a beer is pretty normal, I guess you can probably afford to go a little crazy on New Year's. Hit the jump for a bigger version and a local's explanation of the display.


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In Norway there's no tradition for fireworks arranged by the city. It's too cold in January to gather downtown for the celebrations, so everyone just goes out into their gardens or a nearby open spot, launches their rockets and then heads back inside. The result is a view like this, with fireworks shooting up from absolutely everywhere at midnight on January 1.

[Foto.no via Spulch]


@bbfreak: Yeah, well that's because idiots don't know how to handle fireworks. I bet there are very few incidents due to correctly launched fireworks landing on tile roofs.

The people who harm themselves with fireworks are probably Darwin award runner-up types.