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Our Amazon Kindle Liveblog Hoopla Starts Right Now

Illustration for article titled Our Amazon Kindle Liveblog Hoopla Starts Right Now

Greetings from Los Angeles, home of the second-place Dodgers and a host of brand-new Kindles. Amazon's mega major event starts in an hour or so, but we're firing up the liveblog now to get you up to speed on what the scene is like and what we're expecting to see. Join us, won't you?


On today's docket we're expecting to see a couple of new Kindle Fires (one ad-supported, one not), a fancy new frontlit Kindle Touch, and very maybe possibly our first peek at an Amazon phone. We'll be covering all live for you right here. [Amazon Kindle Liveblog]

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Saw some live pics at the event. Apparently Lord Voldemort has made an appearance disguised as a blogger.