Our Fav Transformers Fan Videos

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Although we're totally hungover from the Transformers premiere, we still can't get enough. We've collected all of our Transformers videos from the last couple of months into one post to make your Optimus Prime worshiping that much easier. Whether it's helmet hi-jinks, Botcon 2007, toy reviews or devoted fans you're looking for, it's all here for your enjoyment.


Bot con 2007 Medley

Bird Girl offers a concise of review of Transformer Movie

Richard Blakeley and Optimus Meyers incur the wrath of McDonald's-tron

A Semi as a Full Sized Optimus Prime Truck

Meet the man who legally changed his name to Optimus Prime

Every hero needs a mini/lil/junior version of himself

If you were wondering if the Optimus Prime helmet was worth your money, our answer is an emphatic yes

Superfans create costumes that actually transform

Optimus Prime faces off against an older version of himself, R2-D2, iPod(!?), and…um…a MotoQ!?



Not only is that girl w/ the bird insane, her favorite part of the movie was the only part that got a little annoying. Yea yea, big robots in the back yard, WE GET IT MOVE ON!