It's the weekend. And it's getting spring-ish out there! You worked hard all week, and so did your smartphone. Time to kick back and relax, and treat yourself—with apps.

Multi-Platform Updates



You're probably using some kind of budgeting app to keep tabs on your daily/weekly/monthly expenses, so why not use one to help with your biggest money outlays, like buying a home or paying off student loans? SmartAsset's free app helps you calculate an affordable mortgage, keep tabs on your retirement savings, pay off debts, and more, all custom-tailored to your income and savings. [Android] [iOS]




Billing itself as a community of weather enthusiasts, Sunnycomb gives you the standard temperature, humidity, and precipitation report, but bolsters it with user-generated pictures and "emotional details" of the weather where you are (or where you're going). It's been an iOS favorite in Japan, but now Sunnycomb branches out to the world—and to Android. [Free]



Just a wee little update here, but a nice looking one: that deep black redesign that rolled out to desktop, web, and iOS Spotify apps is now available for Android. [Free]

AllTrails—Hiking & Biking


Wanna get out there and enjoy the beautiful spring weather? AllTrails catalogs over 50,000 trails in the U.S. and Canada for hiking, biking, snowshoeing and fly fishing. Each trail listing comes with reviews, ratings, and topographical maps, and you can download maps and photos for offline access so you don't get lost when you're past the reaches of mobile web. [Free]



I'm not really sure what the purpose of this one is, so I'll let the app's description speak for itself: LeBron shares his life on his phone, but he's putting it down to focus on the playoffs. Don't want to miss out? Don't worry, we got you. Get an all-access pass to LeBron's game, life, and journey with never-before-seen content and clips throughout the playoffs. Download custom lock screens and wallpapers, check stats, and watch LeBron strive for greatness as the competition heats up. [Free]


Dot Melody


Compose music visually! Dot Melody lets you move around dots to create melodies, bass lines, drum beats, and more. It's got a variety of instruments and a whole bunch of editing and effects so you can plink around to your heart's content. [$3]

Fleksy Keyboard


A complete overhaul brings brand new design and a whole bunch of slick gestures, intelligent spell-checking, and keyboard layout options to your iPhone. If you're sick of autocorrect trying to convince you to use "ducking" in conversation, give Fleksy's new keyboard a try. [Free]



It's inevitable: you go to take a picture, and everybody's in the perfect spot—until about 3 milliseconds before the camera snaps. Then, you blink, or sneeze, or someone walks by, and the shot's ruined. Vhoto makes that a problem of the past. Simply take a few seconds of video (or input a video you've already recorded), and Vhoto lets you scroll through to find the perfect frame to turn into a photo. So you can stop looking half-asleep in all your selfies. [Free]

Windows Phone



SplitPic lets you stitch together up several photos in 6 different layouts. Make three of yourself, or a hybrid of you and someone else, or you and your dog, or whatever, then share your masterpiece on the social medias. [Free]



What happens when you need to access a file on your computer, but all you've got nearby is your Windows Phone? If you've got Tonido on both devices, all you've gotta do is open the app, and you can browse or download any file you've got on your computer. Easy. [Free]