Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

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The app developers of the world have had another week to impress us, and they don't disappoint. Here's the best and most brightly-colored apps that were introduced or newly revamped this week. Go ahead, let your smartphone taste the rainbow.

Multi-Platform Updates



TheScore gives you the constant-updating, wall-to-wall sports coverage you need, whether you're planted in front of the TV on gameday or off tending to life's lesser demands. Customizable push alerts keep you informed on your favorite teams, players, game scores, videos, and more, all curated by TheScore's staff of sports bloggers. The app supports any pro sport you could ever want to follow, but this week's update to the free app is all about football, with rich graphics and detailed stats on every play. [Android] [iOS]

Pin Drop


Pin Drop lets you create personal or shareable maps, keeping track of your favorite places to go, eat, visit, sightsee, and more. It helps you remember places you want to revisit, or discover new stuff near you that you may have never seen. This week's update to the free app brings a more robust private setting, overhauled privacy guidelines, and sharing with even more social networks. [Android] [iOS]




MIX bills itself as the perfect Instagram companion, but it's more like Insta's muscular, more capable big brother. With hundreds of pro-grade photo effects like selective color adjustment, bokeh blur, light leak, and tilt-shift blur, MIX lets you non-linearly and non-destructively filter and edit your photos in wildly customizable ways. [Free]



By now you're no doubt familiar with Evernote, the handy note-keeping app that helps you organize and access your jots, photos, and files, across all your devices. This week's extensive Android update adds revamped navigation, handwriting improvements, and a cleaner overall look to an already-fantastic app. [Free]



If you like Android widgets and keeping an organized calendar, you'll love Month. With 70 different easy-on-the-eyes widget themes and a gorgeous, simple design, Month makes sure you never have to go poking around inside an app to figure out what's on your calendar for the day. [Free]


Fuzel Collage


Fuzel Collage lets you tweak, merge, and modify your favorite photos into either a still or animated collage. Pick photos from your iPhone's photo albums or your social media profiles, and share your creations to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or more. [Free]

Ondes: Expressive Electronic Instrument


Inspired by first-generation electronic instruments like the Theremin, Ondes turns your iPad into a sliding, undulating, polyphonic ethereal noisemaker perfect for creating beautiful melodies or avant-garde cacophony. It's pricey, but if you're a music nut in search of some truly unique sounds, Ondes brings the noise. [$8]



Hitlist is one of those simple, one-task apps that just works. Punch in where you want to travel, and the app will help you track last-minute discounts, fare histories, and package deals to help you find the best price on your trip. This week's update adds push notifications, tutorials, maps, and more, to make sure you never miss the great travel deal you've been waiting for. [Free]

Windows Phone

Help + Tips


Microsoft's official help and tutorial app for Windows Phone 8 is finally out of beta. If you're new to Windows Phone or you just want to get the most out of your device, this app will show you all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, and Cortana commands you need to be a WinPhone master. [Free]

Facebook (beta)


Facebook's official in-house WinPhone app will always be the best, and this week's make it even faster, easier, and more reliable. Updated primary and secondary tiles, boosted Messaging performance, and an overall quickening make social media easy. [Free]