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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Our Favorite iOS, Android and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Welcome to the new Apps of the Week, where we give you all the cool apps we came across in one place. Android folks, iOS folks, and Windows Phone folks, now you can all come together and live in peace, sharing in the joy that is a cool new app.




This free-to-use and ad-free (!) streaming music app just joined iOS from the Android world. It peruses the music on your device and builds stations around the type of music you like, in addition to standard Top Picks and genre stations. Plus, you earn points ("groovies") by sharing songs on social media or signing up for artists' email updates, allowing you to listen to specific songs on-demand. [Free]



Like OpenTable for appointments, MyTime helps you find local businesses like salons, dog groomers, mechanics and doctor's offices and lock in an appointment. It'll even pull in contacts of businesses you've already got saved, and it won't try to schedule over something that's already in your calendar. It's free to use — you pay for the appointment through the app, and MyTime takes a cut — and already has over 2 million US businesses on board. [Free]


Airport comfort is what this one's all about. Fill out your flight itinerary and any bonus clubs or perk cards you have, and LoungeBuddy will show you where to find the swanky VIP lounges during your layover. If you're not a club member, this app will tell you how to become one (usually, a one-time fee or signup for a frequent flier program is all you'll need). [Free]





Aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, Readmill's new Android app gives you an uncluttered book-like page, a low-strain nighttime display mode, and a great community of fellow readers to help you discover new books to devour. Plus, the Readmill library hosts lots of free books, and your account will keep your reading list in sync across all your devices. [Free]


Location Reminder

Picking up where Tasker leaves off, this aptly-named app (ha!) uses geofencing to send alerts based on your location. You can wake yourself up when your bus nears your stop, remind yourself to pick something up at the grocery store, or automatically send a text to let your friend know you're waiting outside. Or, really, any other location-based alert you can imagine. [Free]



If you've got documents saved across Dropbox, Google Drive and Gmail, tracking down the thing you're after can be a pain. FindIt lets you filter through all three, searching by file type, people involved, or time period. The free download gives you 30 email or file previews, or invite 5 friends to use it and get unlimited searches. [Free]


Windows Phone



Turn your photos into infographics with Phototag. This brand-new (seriously, version 1.0) app gives you overlays to add info to your pics, specifically Place, Weather, Food, and Baby (which sounds weird unless you're a parent). It's got an easy user interface, photo filter effects, and integrated sharing to all the typical social media (Facebook/Twitter/Flickr/Instagram) plus Renren, Sina Weibo and VK. It's free for now, but the listing gives us the impression that'll change. [Free]



The great looking layout of this third-party Flickr app makes the lack of native Flickr support a nonissue. Indulged offers powerful editing, 20 filters and a great navigation set to help you post, organize and view gorgeous photos, and it's free with no annoying advertisements to clutter your view. [Free]