Our Favorite Phones, Cameras, Readers, and More

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May means sunshine and flowers and allergies and wondering who the hell actually celebrates May Day like it's a real thing. It also means a summer of beautiful gadgets. Here are some of the best from the past month (or so):

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The Best eReader
The Nook Simple Touch was the the old bestmodo ereader. The new Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight adds a frontlight to read in the dark, a protective finish, and a very stupid name and grey ring. Its faults are relatively small, and the frontlight is a game changer.


The Best Wi-Fi Hotspot
Having fast internet almost anywhere is a wonderful thing. Because it's the best 4G/3G modem with Wi-Fi on the best network, we like the Verizon Jetpack 4620L. It's the successor to last year's favorite, and it's fixed some quirks while keeping its $50 price.

The Best Inexpensive Point-and-Shoot Camera with Wi-Fi
The Canon 320 HS is a little more complicated to configure, but once it got going, the Wi-Fi features were faster and the design was a notch better than the Samsung WB150f, its main competitor.


The Best Headphones for Running
Sennheiser PMX 680i Sports
The 680 Sports series from Sennheiser/Adidas simply give you the most boom for your buck, and by boom we mean bass. These pack some of the heaviest bass we've heard on earbuds, and they're loud, too.


The Best T-Mobile Android Phone
The old HTC is dead. Long live the new HTC, with fewer products and more attention to detail. The HTC One line heralds this new day. Qualcomm's 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor dishes out the speed and does well with power management.



Best eReader: It's a straight line upgrade, from the old Nook Simple Touch to the GlowLight.
Best T-Mobile Phone: You're old news, HTC Amaze.


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I have the Sennheiser CX 680i (same ones, slightly different earpiece) and I love them. They're water resistant, the volume/play pause buttons are in a good spot, and have a fabric clip on the cord so you can keep it clipped close on your shirt. Plus, like the article said, they're probably the bassiest earbuds I've tried short of my in-ear styled ones.

However, unlike my in-ear ones, they do let in some ambient noise when you're listening at a reasonable volume; which I like for running near traffic. But the best part is that even at lower volume you don't sacrifice audio quality.

Anyone who runs/exercises/cycles that is looking for new headphones would do well to check these out.