Our Favorite Running Headphones Are Your Deal of the Day

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All technology, if you wait long enough, eventually goes on sale. Yes—all those crazy new gadgets we're seeing at CES will eventually become cheap if you can wait a year or five. But if you can find a bargain as soon as a new model comes out, well, that's where deals live.


Today, our Bestmodo-winning running headphones just got a price cut. Amazon's selling a pair of Sennheiser's PMX 680 Sports headphones for $35.23. Sure there's a new model—and it's a little better—but the best running headphones back in April 2012 are still fantastic running headphones in January 2013. Here's what our fitness and adventure expert Brent Rose had to say:


The 680 Sports series from Sennheiser/Adidas simply give you the most boom for your buck, and by boom I mean bass... The neckband design means that they didn't budge even slightly when running or doing jumping jacks... Other than that, though, these are very solid, and considering you can get them for just over fifty bucks, we've gotta call these your winner.

Today, you can get 'em for $35. If you want a remote and microphone, they're $44. The newer model remains at $80. [Amazon via Wirecutter]

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Top Deals

Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680i Sports Headset ($44) | Amazon | Originally $55
Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680 Sports Headset ($35) | Amazon | Originally $50
27" Dell U2713HM High Resolution Monitor ($650) | Amazon | Originally $730



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If you're still dragging your feet on the network-attached-storage train, B&H Photo has an excellent deal on a 4TB NAS today. It's made by Western Digital using their Green drives, and it's $80 less than the next closest online price and $100 less than Amazon. [B&H Photo]

2 3-Ft Micro USB Cables ($1.05) | Meritline via Dealnews | Originally $5 | Use coupon code MLCKW10JNL1
3 Touch Screen Styluses ($1.06) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $5 | Free shipping makes this worthwhile
Bamboo iPhone 5 Case ($6) | Amazon via Tech Deal Digger | Originally $20 | Use coupon code OODK27J5
Logitech Wireless Headset ($33) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $50
4TB Seagate External HD ($190) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $250
Wacom Intuos5 Drawing Tablet ($195) | Buydig via Logicbuy | Originally $220
4TB Western Digital MyBook NAS ($250) | B&H Photo via Edealinfo | Originally $350



Weigh Masters Kitchen Sale ($10) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $20
Ticket To Ride ($34.51) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $50
Classic Desk Lamp with LED ($40) | Target via Dealcatcher | Originally $60
Balance Ball Chair ($64) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $80





Check out the DotD.


Free Bundle Indie Bundle ($0) | Free Bundle via Reddit | Originally $Priceless | From the site: "For Windows, Mostly" and "We even used the award winning McAfee antivirus and they are fine."
Spacechem ($3) | Zachtronics via Reddit | Originally $10 | Also cheap for iPad and Android
LEGO Lord of the Rings ($10) | Gamestop via Reddit | Originally $20 | Activates on Steam
Eve Online: Retribution ($10) | GameStop via Dealzon | Originally $20
Command & Conquer All 17 Games PC Download ($17) | Gamestop via Dealnews | Originally $40
25% PC Game Pre-orders | Green Man Gaming via Reddit | Use coupon code GMG25-XTYYZ-POSL1


Physical Media

American Pie on Blu-ray ($8) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $15 | Comes with a DVD too, why, I have no idea
The Prestige on Blu-ray ($8) | Amazon via Logicbuy | Originally $16
The Hangover Part II ($8) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $15



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Boots are cool. And the coolest part is that you don't even have to be an outdoorsman to wear them anymore. It seems like every fashionable man on the island of Manhattan is rocking a pair of heritage-style boots. Why? I guess you need hardcore footwear to traverse the urban jungle. Regardless—the boots you want are always expensive (they're meant to last for life through resoling) and they don't go on sale often. However, with the code WORKBOOT you can pick your favorite from Amazon and save 20%. [Amazon]


20% off Work Boots| Amazon via Reddit | Use coupon code WORKBOOT. These are the ones I'd get (but I already have my boots for life.)
Cheap Levi's Jeans | Levi's via Reddit | 25% off sale items with EXTRA25, some jeans are about $35, links to dry denim jacket
Wool Watch Cap ($3) | SharkStores via Dealnews | Originally $8 | Use coupon code HATS2, stupid $4 shipping I love these military spec hats (they're way better than the cheap beanies they sell at drugstores) but the shipping makes this deal about the same as you'd pay in an Army-Navy store.


Dumb TV → Smart TV

Samsung Blu-ray Player ($40) | Best Buy via Dealzon | Originally $50 | Does Netflix, but no WiFi
WD TV Live Streaming WiFi Media Player ($89) | Amazon via Logicbuy | Originally $100



Lenovo Thinkpad X320 ($765) | Lenovo via Dealnews | Originally $900 | Use coupon code THINKDEAL





No touchy.


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If you missed last week's deal on high-resolution Dell monitors, Amazon's dropped thier price to match Dell's. That means you get a 2560x1440 screen for $650. That comes with free shipping and warranty support. [Amazon]


50" Panasonic 1080p Plasma 3D HDTV ($1049) | Paul's TV via HDTVaholic | Originally $1300 | Use coupon code SAVE90


Amazon's still offering a free Galaxy S III for new Sprint customers. [Amazon]



Not today.

Bare Drives

Some of yesterday's deals are still going, including the 4TB Western Digital Black internal HD, and now Amazon's price-matched Newegg. [Amazon]




Bean's Quest ($0) | iTunes via Best App Sales | Originally $2


Zig Zag Zombie HD ($0) | Amazon Appstore via Apps-aholic | Originally $3





Free Water Test Strip ($0) | Morton Salt via Reddit | Originally $1
Free Grey Sky Coffee Sample ($0) | Grey Sky Coffee via Reddit | Originally $1


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