Our heroes continue to get their werewolf asses kicked on Bitten

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Question: What sucks worse — being a werewolf on Bitten, because you have no other powers than to occasionally turn into a slightly-larger-than-normal wolf, or being a member of the Danvers pack, since you are completely incapable of dealing with any kind of conflict?


(First off, a quick note: These Bitten recaps are going to get super-brief, but I didn't want them to disappear entirely... but they still might.)

So it turns out Santos is also involved in the Mutt uprising, making all his earlier plotting both incomprehensible and irritating. Santos et. al set up the world's most obvious ambush for the Danvers family, and thanks to the Pack's basic ineptitude, a bit of cellphone interference, and a guy with a knife, Antonio is killed and and Jeremy is wounded. Note: If you're a werewolf and can be taken out by a guy with a switchblade, you're kind of a shitty werewolf.

Meanwhile, everything in Toronto is horrible, all the people are horrible, and Logan inexplicably refuses to come home despite the fact his family is being continually murdered. These scenes are death incarnate. In fact, I'd put the acting in the scene with Elena's Dull Boyfriend and his Hacker Whiz Ex-Girlfriend to be The Room-level godawful. If Bitten cut this shit out and went down to 30 minutes, it would be a mercy.

Jeremy and the Pack decide now this time the Mutts have really gone to far, and this time they'll really get what's coming to them, like they've said pretty much every episode since #3, which results in Elena and Clay capturing Zachary Cain (played by Noah Danby, who is best known as Sukar the Klingon Space Jesus on Defiance, and the only non-Danvers character who can act). It's quite the retribution. Oh, and Jeremy is poisoned, which will give everybody more time to not deal with the conflict the audience is actually interested in. Grr.



So I have a question, did Logan give his girlfriend that tea intentionally or are the writers uninformed that Hibiscus tea is not recommended for pregnant women?