Overhauled Spotify for Android: All About Discovery

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Spotify's Android app has been in need of an update for some time—especially when compared to its beautiful Windows Phone offering. Fortunately, the wait is over, and the new version is much improved: it's cleaner, more visual, and wants to help you find as much new music as possible.


In fact, the whole experience seems to be inspired by the Facebook app: it relies on a slide-out navigation system, accessed from the top left corner, and generally looks much cleaner than its predecessor as a result. Elsewhere, there's an increased emphasis on visuals, with high-resolution artist images and album artwork plastered generously across the app.

There's also more emphasis on music discovery, both through friends' profile pages and playlists, as well as Spotfy's own recommendations. There should be Last FM scrobbling up-and-running by the time the app lands in Google Play, too.

All in, it's much improved—though we're disappointed it's not quite as beautiful as the Windows Phone app. Now there's just the hotly anticipated iPad version to wait for. The new version of Spotify for Android should be available in Google Play soon—but in the meantime, you can download a beta from Spotify here. [Spotify]


I think it's just as beautiful as the Windows Phone version, except usable. Each platform has a design philosophy, and this app adheres to Android's and ICS's very well. It's also the fastest app I've ever used on an Android phone. Amazing for a preview that's not even fully built out yet. Can't WAIT for the complete version.

Good job, Spotify. This is an app I will gladly pay $10 a month for.

PS - Can't wait for lock screen and notification window controls, radio access. :-)