Overheat Risk Makes Sony Recall Vaio TZ Laptops

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Sony's issuing a recall for Vaio TZ laptops sold between May 2007 and July 2008: apparently there's a risk of overheating leading to "abnormal heat deformation of the enclosure"—which sounds like a lot more than the usual knee-burn heat of a laptop. It's not due to the battery, mind you, rather it seems like a manufacturing flaw related to the power connector and LCD frame. The news relates so far to just Japanese machines, with Sony offering free inspection and repair, but keep your eyes peeled for news of the problem in other countries. [PCWatch]





As a rule, I avoid Sony laptops like the plague... Ive had no end of them just die in rather terminal and spectacular ways.. Ive also had loads of DOA's.. I just wish people would buy something else for me to fix/set up!