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Overpriced Re:Vision Bracelets Were Once Overpriced Camera Lenses

Illustration for article titled Overpriced Re:Vision Bracelets Were Once Overpriced Camera Lenses

For the photographer with a sharp eye (for recycling) come these innovative bracelets from Australian designer Craig Arnold. Called the re:vision line, these premium-priced baubles are assembled using the discarded lens casings of some of the world's most well-known camera brands. (I swear I spotted a Minolta in there somewhere.) The bad news is that these hacked-up lens hand-me-downs are priced from around $175 to $250, and come complete with wear and tear from their previous owner. Certainly not cheap, especially when you consider that hacksaws, hammers and your friend's brand new Nikon D60—conveniently "borrowed for the weekend"—are so readily at hand on the cheap. [re:vision via Boing Boing]


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sqeakytoy of the apocalypse

the problem is that we are too smart, and we expect similar levels of intelligence from those around us. It stifles out creativity. We look at those and think, "who the heck would buy that crap?" the lesson here is never underestimate the stupidity around you