Paintings or Spinning Records?

Now that we all download or stream, don't you miss record (or CD) labels and sleeves? Sure, you can turn the visualizer on on iTunes or *cough* WinAmp but it's no match for trancing out to the spinning label of a record.

Photographer Paul Octavious is selling a limited edition series of long-exposure photographs, made from holding a camera over a turntable and leaving the shutter open. As he recalls, "my Grandpa Jud used to play records for me all the time as a kid. I would sit on his floor while he propped his feet up, sat back in his worn leather chair, and smoked apple tobacco from his pipe. Whether it was rock or gospel, grandpas head would nod to the rhythm of the beat. I would always know what record was playing by the spinning colors and patterns in the center of the player. The rotating gradients would put you in a trance, only to be stopped by grandpa changing the record."


10 x 15 giclee prints are being sold from $50 on his website now. [Just a Few Prints via The Fox Is Black via @Full_Beard]


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