Pajama Warmer Pouch Warms Up Your Winterwear

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Our esteemed commentator OMG!!! Ponies!!! already knows what he's getting from his girlfriend on the Chrismukkah gift front, so this pajama warmer goes out to you, Sir. Stuff your PJs (or whatever it is you want to warm up) in this electric pouch and it's toasted gonads before you can say "Bloody Norah, that hurts." $34.95 from the Solutions catalog. [Solutions via 7Gadgets]



Huh? OMG!!! Ponies!!!, is this really what you are getting? Did I miss something? What's going on around here?

And whether it's the preferred way to warm up or not, given that my core body temperature seems to be about 10 degrees warmer than the wifey's, it's not much use in our house. It only takes about 10 seconds next to me for her to reach the "toasty human" equilibrium between her Snow Miser and my Heat Miser.