Palm Centro Headed to Verizon

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With Sprint and AT&T already down, the Palm Centro continues to cut a swath through the major wireless carriers. Based on the images above, its latest stop appears to be on Verizon. Word is that the first installment will feature this lovely blue color with other versions following later on down the line. [Engadget Mobile via BGR]


@Johnny Chimpo:

That may be true to a certain extent, but I have personally had much better experiences with ATT. ATT offered to take about $17 off my first bill for data and other charges that I didn't understand. No questions asked, and I wasn't even expecting a refund, was just calling to find out what the charges were for. And I haven't had a reason to call back since. This type of proactive customer service is very rare in corporate america, and I have only had one other experience similar to it (netflix offering 5% discount because of web site being down).

When I called Verizon about a similar issue about charges on my bill, where I even asked for a refund, I got no results and questions still unanswered. Not to mention, I was on hold for about 20 minutes before speaking with anyone. I had about 5-10 incidents that I went through with Verizon that included visits to their retail stores, calling CS, and trying to get out of my contract.

I was eventually able to get out of my contract (because I moved to an area known as a "dead spot" in Denver) But this was after about 3 weeks of making more than 10 calls to CS. The CS reps were very rude.