Palm Pre Plus GPS Might Be a Little Janky

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Reports are surfacing that GPS navigation on the Palm Pre Plus is a little janky, with full aGPS only working with the (recently updated to 5.0) Verizon Navigator app, not Google Maps—locks are inaccurate and slow.


Personally, I noticed that positioning was a little off this weekend using Google Maps on a Pre Plus in San Francisco, though the lock wasn't so slow it rung any alarms. It doesn't seem to be particularly widespread, but if you've got a Pre Plus, how's it working for you? [PreCentral]


golferal - pataflaflas FTW

I've had intermittent issues with both Google Maps and the Sprint Nav app. Sometimes it won't lock at all and gives me an error message, even when I have at least 3 bars of signal strength. Never had a problem with GPS on any of my previous phones (Motorla Q, HTC Touch Pro) so it has to be the device (hardware or software). Not a deal breaker since I have nav in my car, but I would feel it much more if I had to rely on it.