Palm Pre Users Reporting Possible Heat-Related Screen Distortion

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There are reports this evening from at least two Palm Pre forums of a screen distortion issue affecting the recently launched smartphone.

While the overall issue has not yet been acknowledged by Palm, so far today there are eight pages of discussion over at the Precentral forums, where most of the affected users report similar circular distortion at the bottom of the Pre's otherwise sharp-looking screen.

At the EverythingPre forums there are similar complaints, each regarding the bottom area of the screen.


From our brief foray over to the forums, it appears as though some Sprint stores are aware of the issue, and have been exchanging the spot-plagued handsets for new ones, if stock allows. Some of the photo "evidence" is a little more compelling than others, although there does appear to be something faint at the bottom of the screen in a few images. Be warned though that some of the "distortion" has been ID'd by users as a normal part of the background design.

Are any of you new Palm Pre owners experiencing any burnout or spottiness? Do tell, one way or the other. [Precentral, Everything Pre via Laptop Mag]