Palm Pre's App Store Christened the App Catalog

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Palm's new developer site reveals the Pre's App Store/Marketplace challenger will be named the Palm App Catalog. It also notes that the SDK is only in private prerelease at the moment.


Despite the SDK only going out to a few select partners, Palm has launched its Developer Blog to help prospective developers stay informed about the state of the handset. The SDK won't be released to more developers until nearer release, but Palm seems very aware that a strong collection of apps will be essential to the Pre's success. Palm never asked me for any app store name suggestions, but I'll just throw a few out there that I really think might've taken off.

• Palm Apparama
• Palm Bodega
• Palm App Dépanneur
• The App Bazaar
• Palm's App Emporium

But the App Catalog is good too, I guess. [Palm via Engadget]



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