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It seems as though Palm has decided to fly by upgrading the current 700 series and going straight into an 800 series model. The Palm Treo 800p features 128MB RAM, an enhanced 320 x 320 screen, a Wi-Fi option, SD card, BT 2, EVDO, a 3.2 megapixel camera, and will use the same accessories as the Treo 650. The 800p also shows off its thinner and smaller design, along with a sleek and cool case. The new Palm is rumored to connect to wireless Wi-Fi connections and to EVDO "effortlessly", allowing the user to browse the Internet faster. The new 320 x 320 screen is said to be sharper, brighter, and less awkward and cramped than its 650 predecessor. Estimated price is said to be less than $600 (very exciting). March 15 is the rumored date for its release, so mark your calendars if you're interested in this baby. All of this is coming from a forum junkie over at Treocentral, so could be true, could be a load of crap.

Palm Treo 800p Confirmed [Treocentral]