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Palm's Nova-Powered Last Stand a Slider With "Large" Touchscreen

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

CrunchGear says they've got the dirt on what Palm is launching at CES, which, let's face it, better be awesome if they wanna stick around. According to their source, that may just be the case.


They say that the Nova OS is "amazing" and will have an app store at launch. And it'll have media playback (uh, kinda like every other smartphone OS). The touchscreen is portrait-oriented—CrunchGear calls it "large," but a screen that's large for Palm and for everybody else has historically been fairly divergent. That said, it's being sourced to HTC, so maybe it'll be legitimately biggie-sized, at least 480ishx600ish. The more life-like mockup comes from Rob at BoingBoing Gadgets, created "assuming that Palm has no imagination."


I'm hoping it really is amazing, but I guess we'll see on Thursday. [CrunchGear]